Following are in addition to our Web-Based Resume Management Solution:

Resume Parsing API:

ATS and HRIS product companies and Job-Portals can avail the Resume Parsing API to parse their resume.

We can customize / enrich the Format / Taxonomy to meet client requirements.
Job-Publishing on Partner Portals:

Our recruitment tool users can publish Jobs upon multiple Partner Job-Portals.

This generates additional revenue for our partner job-portals, while our Recruiter tool users can manage their Jobs centrally upon multiple job-portals.
Resume Funnel Filter

We offer our Resume Parser and Funnel Solution to Job-Portals which can be installed in Client's environment.

Client portals can parse their resume in their own environment and display the CV-Selection Funnel on their Job-Portal.

* Highest Accuracy
* Exhaustive Skillset
* Best Classification

Accurately parsed information
can be exported to any other
ATS or HR Information System.

Now your wait is over,
Technology is finally here,
to change the way you Recruit...!